AdTelligence API

Streamline your performance marketing with AdTelligence ad network API

AdTelligence API

Integrate with AdTelligence advertising and traffic monetization solutions to seamlessly manage ad campaigns and receive highly customizable data for your analytic reports. Whether you are an online marketer who launches a lot of campaigns and uses numerous ad networks, or you are an AdTelligence developer who seeks the best programmatic solution to build your own product, AdTelligence API is what you need.

Using AdTelligence API, advertisers are able to launch and stop campaigns, monitor filters and settings, blacklist zones, request financial info and check the stats.

Publishers can monitor real-time statistics to measure their traffic monetization success. Connect with us to receive and process the data in your own way to make the right decisions.

To get started, you’ll have to apply for access and an API Key. The setup process is simple and straightforward.

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