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Adsterra, a world-known RTB ad network for both advertisers and publishers, is your best partner for real-time bidding supply when it concerns speed, scale and flexibility. Reach the right audience within milliseconds and optimize your budget by using Adsterra’s programmatic solutions. As a sort of programmatic advertising, real-time bidding is in fact an auction where advertisers bid on ad impressions on an automated basis. This makes media buying and selling instant, efficient and simple.


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JSON feeds


Web Push and Native ads
Social Bar


All GEOs
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Integrate with Adsterra’s RTB in 4 simple steps:

Why Choose US

For Over 10+ Years In Advertising Industry

Three-Level Security

AdTelligence utilizes an effective combination of innovative in-house and reliable third-party fraud detection systems, as well as a proper human check, and provides you with the safest experience possible.

Self-Serve Platform

AdTelligence provides an easy-to-use experience for those who prefer to work without a manager. We completely automated every process so that you have the opportunity to understand everything intuitively.

Partner Care

More than just support. In addition to the 24/7 multilingual online chat, we will analyze your specific case and help you choose the most effective ad format and/or settings.

Multiple Ad Formats

Make more money with our vast variety of web and mobile ad formats: Popunder, Native Banners, Banners, Social Bar, Direct Link and VAST video.

Tailored Payment Options

Become our partner without hassle! We integrated onboarding materials into your account to familiarize yourself quicker. And our lightning-fast moderation will allow you to get started in no time.


With AdTelligence, you have three anti-adblock options that can increase your revenue by an average of 35%. Never stop earning: the AdTelligence code continues running even when detected by ad-stopping plugins.

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